Friday 18 March 2016

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Successful and effective SEO metrics

As a business holder, you indeed wish for a top ranking on Google and other leading search engines. But, if you are not doing something effective and inventive to create your brand, you cannot actually expect your organization to give you high revenue. You need to put a lot of hard work to build a strong brand identity. SEO has turned out to be helpful in doing so. To make a SEO campaign successful, businesses need to keep an eye on certain metrics regularly.

There are critical SEO metrics which together with SEO techniques will get the amazing result for businesses. If you are unable to do the monitoring yourself, you can contact top SEO services agency of India to get support in this.

Ranking - know where your traffic coming from!

How to achieve a good ranking on search engine? Most of us will say- keywords. But, this is not the only factor that contributes to get a desired rank. It is good that you have selected a few keywords and they are helping your site to become very much visible. But, the main thing is whether that visibility is working for you to get high numbers of conversion as well as high return. A successful SEO strategy put emphasis on various other factors such as quality, relevancy, content quality and organized landing pages; this is something which can guarantee you success.

Organic search traffic!

Do your SEO efforts help in driving organic search traffic? If not so, add it as a vital part of your strategy. This metric can help you in achieving good conversion rate and revenues. Content is the key factor for driving high organic traffic, thus make sure that your site has high quality content. The right collection of keywords is not sufficient to fetch high organic traffic. While developing content for your site, make sure to make it informative, unique, error-free, easy-to-read and engaging.


Bounce rate!

Many neglect this metric and end up in paying the cost of negligence. If the keywords you have selected are ranking high and your pages seem to have low bounce rates, it is fine. But, when the keywords are ranking high, but the pages are facing a high bounce rate, then there is something wrong. This means that you have picked wrong keywords and your site content is not of top quality. If it happens, ensure that you send significant amount of time on the selection of relevant keywords. Organic seo services India makes sure that your site content is perfectly optimized with suitable keywords.

Website traffic!

Another SEO metric that affects conversion rate is website traffic. There are many companies which provide the same products/services as you do. So, how they will differentiate you from others? You need to try hard to hold visitors attention on landing pages. So, make sure that the landing pages are designed properly and provide relevant and informative content to readers. Google Analytics offer valuable information such as where from maximum traffic come to your site, how long visitors spend time on your website, what do viewers seek to know on your website etc. You can use these tools to boost you SEO campaign.


Revenue is the most important SEO metric. It does not make any sense to execute a SEO campaign if it fails to achieve satisfactory profit at the end. You need to make some specific changes and you also require paying attention to numerous factors like your profit margins, your conversion goals etc.

Conversion rate!

Behind all marketing campaigns, conversion and profit are the key goals. If you are getting good conversion rates despite good ranking and high website traffic, it may be due to the reason that you are not using the suitable keywords. It may also happen because your website does not provide appropriate content to visitors. Make sure you pick the keywords which are unique, effective, relevant and competent to your business. Your website content should be informative, relevant and easy-to-read. Landing pages must be designed professionally and do not forget to add call-to-action to get customer feedback.

Keep on monitoring the above-mentioned SEO metrics to earn hefty revenues in your business. Devote a significant amount of time to design a strong SEO strategy and notice the difference in results. It is also true that you should not expect a substantial difference in overnight. You need to be patient to see positive changes. Within few months, you can look forward to something positive.

Professional SEO company in India does the monitoring of these metrics as they have if you have in-depth knowledge of SEO. They will help you with a drastic upturn in ranking, traffic, conversion rates and revenue.

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